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Our Vision:

To keep your animals healthy!

Our Goal:

We will provide the best possible veterinary care for all your farm animals and horses. We will strive to provide the best possible service and highest quality medical treatments for your pets. We will attend the latest professional conferences and stay up to date on new therapies and procedures, in order to provide the best care we can. We will strive to provide timely and courteous communication in regards to your questions, concerns and patient results. We seek to educate you, the owner, through our experiences together and in answering your questions. We realize that the care of your animal is a team effort and look forward to being a part of it!

History of Our Name:

Leading off Mt. Blue Street is a narrow path that for over a century and a half has been know to the towns people as "Cuffee Lane". This lane goes back into dense woods and cedar swamp which surrounds Black Pond.

 Black Pond is a kettle pond - scooped out by glaciers thousands of years ago.  The pond is very deep and the water more acidic in nature, lending itself to the growth of a dense vegetative mat that floats on the water called a quaking bog.  These mats support several unique species of plants, including pitcher plant, sundew, ferns, wild cranberries and cedar trees.  It is currently protected and managed by the Nature Conservancy.